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Geek Vs Nerd 

Geek and nerd: What are they? Some social-historical rejects or the coolest pop-culture specialists? The answer depends on the era in which this slang was applied. Back then they were fucking retards and now they are freaking cool. 


History tells us that these names back then were used to be roughly interchangeable while distinguishing the social rejects from the accepted ones. Yet, those so-called social rejects were destined and consequently ruled/ruling the world, read the post on Geek famous personalities.

There’s a lot of overlap in the meanings of a nerd, geek, and the other variations. Know about all the variations. As time passed these 2 terms, geek and nerd have grown up in stature and even wiped out their initial negative connotations.  Today, being a geek or a nerd no longer implies that one will face some horrible shaming and get thrown out of a bus. Based on the popular usage of these terms, geeks and nerds are a new brand of a cool kid.

As we want to explore what sets these 2, sometimes similar, terms apart we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight their truly bizarre biographies- History of Geek, Know more about a nerd.

Let’s start, but know this! that there are certainly nerds that are geeks and geeks that are nerds. There are also pure geeks and pure nerds. if you ask my type, I am a ‘GEENER,’ a combo of both.

Not to mention, along with all those conventional slurs like ‘a bitch,’ these terms are used according to one’s mood, in zest or anger, to praise or criticise, or whatever. So calling someone a geek can be a compliment or a dis, depending on the person and context. So, before going the hell lose, be mindful! 

All right, what sets these terms apart? Let’s start with the definitions of Geek and Nerd:

Nerd: someone who is intelligent but socially awkward and single-minded, self-obsessed with an unfamiliar hobby or pursuit.

Geek: someone who is a Digi-tech expert or enthusiast and or possessing excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity.

A nerd is someone that enjoys learning and expanding their understanding of certain subjects or fields; while a geek is someone with a fascination and obsession to his subject of interest. But, both expand their knowledge, say one by enjoying it and the other by getting obsessed with it.

Let’s scrap a bit of history, Geek was a discovered term and Nerd was an invented term. Confused? The term geek is derived from its German origin whereas Nerd is a fictional term coined by Dr Seuss. 

There’s one more term Dr Seuss added to this geeky list: dweeb. Dweeb is “wimp; a stupid or uninteresting person.” Will catch Dr and his terms in our next post. 

Interests: Geeks are the one who love high fantasy, sci-Fi, etc., while Nerds would love Science proven kinds of stuff. This can be seen in the way they talk too, one just needs theory, others’ prefer practical data and stats, to make a point. 

Socialising skills: A geek possesses a considerable amount of this skill but nerds just hate this part, sums up the case. 

A geek may also be an introvert but surely pretentious but a nerd just doesn’t care what others make out of him. A nerd knows more than he says. Both are misunderstood throughout. 

Appearance: Geek may style up or place things perfectly thereby keeping his space neat. Nerds love being messy since they can’t take time out of their original interest if it’s not cleaning or designing. 

Time’s Verdict: Over time, the term “geek” has taken a positive, sometimes complimentary spot. People smile if you call them a geek, people get offended if you call them a nerd because it sounds derogatory. In today’s world, a geeky person who is unsociable, and just all-around unlikeable would be called “nerds”.  

Spoiler Alert: A quick search of a database on contemporary English shows that the people using nerd are often retaining more of its academic focus: “math nerd,” “language nerd, “meteorologist nerd,” “chemistry nerd,” “statistics nerd,” even “bibliophilic nerd.”

Geek on the other hand … geek gets into more social scenes: “content geek,” “movie geek,” “space geek,” “music geek,” “guitar geek,” “band geek,” “suburban lawn geek,” “fantasy football geek,” “gardening geek” … you got the picture! 

So, geek out in the comments section, which side are you on?


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