self-realizing guide to live a stress-free life

How to get rid of stress? A self-realizing guide to live a stress-free life

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How to get rid of stress? A self-realizing guide to live a stress-free life. By now you know everything about Stress and its consequences. Management tips symptoms and warning signs. Know it all, if you have missed it.

The self-help hacks were to destress yourself. Not to be mistaken with being stress free. You need to get rid of stress, completely. Follow the tips, if you haven’t.

Considering your stress has now submerged, time to decide what triggers the stress factor in you. Let us remove it by the roots. It is time for you to ‘get rid of Stress’.

You may need to sit and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does any specific situation seem to trigger my stress factor?
  • Does any specific person/s seem to trigger my stress factor?
  • Am I being an overthinker?
  • Do I need to reset boundaries?
  • How can I be able to deal with the ups or downs of life?
  • Are my looks, appearance, color, race troubling me?
  • Am I jealous or stressed?
  • Inferiority complex?
  • Hard luck! Is it bothering me?
  • Am I Overscheduled?
  • Mix Bag- more than one factor affecting me?
  • Am I ready for Self-realization?

What questions caught your attention? Did you get any answers? Which answers are you looking for?

Let me help you with this:

Get rid of stress? A self-realizing guide to live a stress-free life

Does any specific situation seem to trigger your stress factor?

Challenging situations: at work or at life. Face them without fear. What if you lose? You will learn. Failure teaches us more than success does.

Taunts: What would I do if they talk me through my failed … business, relationship, and investment? You can’t explain them a thing, smile at them and walk off.

Bullying: report to the authorities. Fight back. Whatever you do, don’t waste your energy on visualizing the same scenario, get caught in a loop, and lose your mind. Just end it there itself. Focus on the beautiful little world of yours.

Does any specific person/s seem to trigger your stress factor?

Get rid of them. This includes friends, office colleagues, or distant cousins.

Is that family? Wait. Talk to them. Express yourself. Convince them. No, I am too shy to do that! Ask for a friend to do that. Let them know how you are feeling, or else, how are they suppose to clear those misunderstandings they possess?

Anger would get you nowhere and even if it does you won’t be happy about yourself. It’s all about FAMILY.

La Familia…

Are you an overthinker?

Stop overthinking. Avoid imaginary worst-case scenarios. Oh, I am gonna do this if that happens or if things go south, I need a plan B or C, D, E… ok let’s stop the alphabets here. This is a real-life, not some movie where a director and writer decide what’s going to happen after a scene. No, I certainly don’t mean that one doesn’t need to plan certain stuff but overdoing it kills the fun involved in life.

Here’s a thing, if you expect something and are fully prepared for it, but life has some plans to surprise you, it will surely. Life will throw at you some unexpected out-of-syllabus stuff that all your planning and preparation will go in vain. Instead, be happy to walk into such thrillers. For, in the end, that’s gonna be a worth story listening to. Isn’t it?

Do I need to reset boundaries?

Like, expect less or accept the harsh reality. Go for it. Better late than never. There is a beautiful quote by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, ‘you can control the controllable, so do your work without worrying about the result.’

Did you give your all? That and only that matters.

How can I be able to deal with the ups or downs of life?

How can I be able to deal with the ups or downs of life?

Everyone handles success well, for it brings convenience, power, money, fame, and friends. But, failures in life bring adversity. Only a humble one can digest both in the same manner. Try to be humble. Try to be good in your good and be very good in your worse.

You will master the art of living.

Willpower is the source of all powers.

A boy with no legs could not walk, so he decided to FLY! meet Oscar Pistorius.

Are your looks, appearance, color, race troubling you?

Remember, we all are beautiful. Yes! God has created us this way, with a purpose. Time to focus on living rather than getting stressed out about it.

Are you jealous or stressed?

Tom and I were batchmates; he is a billionaire by now, and look at me?

Wrong sign.

Tom and I were batchmates; he is a billionaire by now. I hope someday to make it there. Right sign. Attitude matters. Adjust it quickly. Or life will, in its way, and that’s gonna be lill hard on you.

Inferiority complex?

O I am not good at anything. What would I do with myself? Fine. Smile, please!

You may not be good at anything but what good do you gonna do by baby-crying? Instead, take up a few courses. Hone your skills. Follow your passion. You are good at something. It is just that you have not paid enough attention to yourself. Listen to yourself. Follow your inner voice. There are unlimited opportunities out there. You are made for one, and it is waiting for you. Go grab it.

Hard luck! Is it bothering you?

I worked my ass off and I got nowhere. He did nothing and is now putting orders at me. Well, politics, biases aside what else could you do? Swap maybe. Try yourself something, start a business. Or take a break. The choice is yours. Remember, all those who work in corporates face this stuff, kinda everywhere.


how to get rid of anxiety and stress

You work, work, and work and that stresses you out well a sign of overscheduling. Limit it. But first, know your limits. Give time to listen to yourself when your mind says ‘time for a break.’ Another aspect of it is, do you love what you do?

If yes, a little adjustment will help. If not, then time to take a deep thought.

Mix bag

More than one factor affects you and causes that stress factor to show up. Maybe all of those above mentioned. Time to identify and rectify.

Be strong.

Be positive.

You can. People could.

You are looking at an example right here. You can call it a mixed bag. Overthinker, inferiority complex, friends and family, and not living in the present got me to that zone that we call being stressed. But how did I get rid of stress? Self-realization. I went through the exact same process and finally came to terms with my stress factors. I identified them and rectified them. All I was looking for: a method that’s not only gonna grow me but also grow my personality. I be a good human.

So now from someone who’s been there and done that. A few tips: 

Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying

Stop living in your head. Stop analyzing the Past. You can’t change a bit of it. What you really can, be a better version of yourself. Learn from the mistakes, treasure happy moments, and be humble, that’s it.

Avoid worrying about the Future. You don’t know even if it exists, right? Kidding. If you are doing the right things, the future is great for you. Still an uncontrollable. So plan for it, work for it, but dare you to live in it.

Being present in the moment allows you to know yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, fear, love, choices… damn! Choices are the most important stuff. You need to know what you like, love, and what you absolutely hate. Living in present will only allow you to know all of it.

Being in present will let you open up, be humble, be wise, and be happy. Peace matters.

Are You ready for Self-realization?

self realization for de-stressing yourself

Decide it. If yes, dive deep and get the solution ‘how to get rid of anxiety and stress?’ If not, seek expert advice. Medications as per your need. This article means only to educate you.

Hope this work is of some help to you. If it is spread the word, share it with your friends. Do comment on your thoughts about the post, the idea, and the talking points, your comments and suggestions, and thoughts are of great value.

Last words: get rid of stress, like NOW!

Take care. See ya.  

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