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10 Days 

10 Days, will take you through the emotional and physical journey of a young boy Arjun who has just one dream, like all of us- To make it Large! 

1O Days is a short fiction inspired by the best of the short fiction writers. It is an attempt to give you that same tickle within 15k words: exactly 15311 words, 13 chapters, 55 pages, hardly some 3 hours of reading time.

Word from the author:

Read Concise! Because life is too.

Life is short. Very Short for the Readers. But we still love to read! Isn’t it?  That can’t change. For reading, gives us that tickle which no other pursuit could provide. Tickle as a kick some might put.

Honestly, for a newbie in self-publishing, this format gave the best vibe going forward. I trimmed it down, made it as neat as it could have been possible, hope you would like. 

Please give it a try and shower with your honest reviews. Available on Kindle. 

(Note: The Content Geek is just a platform that promotes such amazing works from newbies. If you too want your work to be promoted, feel free to contact us.)

10 days

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