How to get rid of anxiety and stress?

Easy DIY tips and hacks to get rid of anxiety and stress

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Do you feel stressed or fu*ked up? Try these Easy DIY tips and hacks to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Disclosure: We are different, and these strategies might not work for everyone. If your stress is frequent or is related to underlying anxiety or mood disorder, you may need to see a mental health professional and explore different treatment options. But in the meantime, here are some tricks, tips, and hacks you can try to help yourself. 

Remember, it’s all in your mind. Try to fool it, by bypassing it when it panics. If you can’t do that you get stressed out. So before we continue, repeat with me- It’s all in the mind. It’s all in the mind. It’s all in the mind. I am the controller and I will control it, not the otherwise around. It’s all in the mind.

before we jump into the DIY tips and hacks part here is an article about stress and everything in between.

How to get rid of anxiety and stress?

here are some DIY tips and hacks to get rid of anxiety and stress in no particular order…

Be your 1st Expert

However worse the situation is, don’t freak out. Take a moment and talk to yourself. Let that inner voice guide you. If the voices are discouraging repeat yourself, ‘I gave my best, I tried hard. it happens to everyone, my friends, family, clients, co-workers would understand.’

Put on the experts’ shoes, tell yourself what you would do to your friend. Be kind. Have patience. Try to figure out realistic thoughts. It helps bypass those negative thoughts. See, you are a Guru now.

Take up tasks; hobbies are the best way forward

Do what you love to. Gardening, writing, reading, browsing, painting, any hobbies that you have. Just repeat it. Try taking cute pictures of your pets, friends and family, this would lighten you abit. Try browsing through nature and pretty landscapes videos, travel diaries, memes, watch funny stuff. it distracts you from the ongoing event. Start afresh toward solving it then. It works.

Music heals 

Music has the power to reset your mind. Listen to your fav artist. concentrate on the lyrics, try to sing it correctly. Write it down if you could. See, you are a Rockstar!

Maintain a Log Book

Write your anxious thoughts down. Writing alone won’t do, try reading it a day later. Delete it if it’s some unrealistic or negative thought. Correct it with the realistic ones. Focus on yourself, this moment, this helps you calm down. Take notes of the factors that ignite such stress-provoking thoughts. Find them all that gets you to a low. Next time if such a scenario occurs you wouldn’t fall for it. Remember, it’s all in the mind.

Busy your Mind


Hobbies or not try doing some newer stuff. Do we realize how greater boon we got with the internet? Try discovering new stuff. Google, youtube, new blogs, even if it’s of no interest, check it out. The best DIY tips and hacks to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Do that fascinates. It’s about keeping your mind busy. When was the last time you pulled a prank on your friends?

Get out of your home. See the places around you. Nature or buildings in the left today, on the right next day. You will be amazed to know that you are going to find something new all the time. For our mind misses so many and retains so less.

Be creative. Creativity helps your mind to focus for long on a certain thing, this would keep it busy and thereby it can’t throw up some wild thoughts into you.

Do your moves, dance it out. In front of the mirror, who’s watching anyway? Hey, youtube shorts maybe! Tik Tok? Insta reels? KnackIT. Hey got no followers? It’s about keeping your mind busy. So just do it!  

Whatever you choose, follow it for a longer period for better results.

Here’s a short story, I saw my friend doing some weird dancing moves and posting on insta. I asked, “Hey why do you do it?” She got me. It looked so weird you know. Her reply just won my heart. ‘I do it to keep myself busy. Any suggestions to pull it off in a better way?’ I replied, ‘you are simply brilliant, you don’t need any.’ Liked, shared her content and Followed her. She’s got hundreds of followers now. Don’t worry about whats anyone gonna thinks. Doesn’t matter. They gonna like it or block you, their choice, you follow yours.

Sports and Games

What sports do you like? Play it. Games? Chess? There are many games that support multiplayer. Are you in? go ahead and play it. Outdoors, indoors, from your happy couch, play it. You are a champion!

Work out, gym, do a constructive effort 

It doesn’t need to be a fitness geek to hit a gym. Oh, it costs money! Fine, jog it around in a park. Take a long walk. Do a guided stretch routine. It helps to relax your vital body parts and circulates blood to all parts of your body. It also gives you a sense of the presence in your body that is otherwise really difficult to reach when you’re overthinking. When was the last time you felt your legs? O they are sexy! 😉

Do a constructive effort, instead of just lying around and watching the ceiling and destructing your body. Get up! Run! Ok just walk. Fine, just stretch it out then.

Play with Water, Bath, shower, swim 

Long baths. Shower. Hot shower. Swimming pool. Ice water challenges. You gonna love it. Some say they submerge their face in ice-cold water for 30 seconds and it results in immediate relief. Scientifically, it lowers your heart rate and has a calming effect. It lets you focus on your submerged region and its fun. Caution- don’t drown yourself. I love the shower though.

Consume good media

Good movies or good shows help. Listen to an awesome podcast. Watch cool Netflix, Hulu, TV flicks. Binge-watch a couple of episodes of your favorite comfort show. Stand ups? Youtube, Vimeo whatever you please to. Google the list of feel-good movies.

here are a few might of help. Back to DIY tips and hacks to get rid of anxiety and stress…

Sleep is the best remedy 

Generally, when the sun sets, these traps begin. Maybe you’re tired enough or pissed off of your day as it didn’t go well. Try getting a sleep. Short nap. The best way to feel better and more rational. O I got homework or projects to finish! You can wake up and start it afresh. I love to sleep, personally, this is the best remedy on this list. O I am an overthinker, sleep doesn’t come easy! Soft music in low volume, try to listen to it, you will fall asleep eventually, in a few minutes.

Chant mantras

Chant abracadabra, OM, whatever, this is better than yelling at yourself or someone. Count numbers. Spell words of objects that you see around. Bypass your mind from that stress attack. Don’t let it win over you. Whenever you feel like o it’s on its way, ‘Bypass it.’

Change the topic 

You are sitting on your couch and thinking about the past few days, your mind pops up a notification saying hey! Bla bla, probably some failed assignments or sour relationships, quit that couch, get your book and read it, or blogs or articles or watch a movie or sing a song or listen to it, just change the topic. Do whatever makes you immerse in it. Escape into a different world, a different life, immerse yourself in it and such thoughts will disappear. Movies or short animated stories work most in such cases. It’s easy to immerse yourself when you watch stuff. There’s no way you can consume all the video content that’s available, so no worries there.

Focus on the world, eventually one needs to catch up

Who cares what’s going on in some distant country or the town next to me? I am not traveling now. News or short bytes of it are so refreshing and learning experience as well. It’s a good habit to stay updated. I have been following the Afghan issue and I am kinda intrigued by it as if it’s some series that I have been watching. Whenever I feel like I am stuck and it’s time for some pop-ups from my mind, I start checking today’s updates or news. This helps me bypass that state which otherwise could get me to a point where I would get stuck in that thought loop and eventually stress out. 



Close your eyes and sit still. There are meditation courses offered online. If you please take any, as per your need. If you don’t want to invest money in it then just sit with your eyes closed and try to see yourself. The breathing process, how your belly moves when you breathe in and out, the sound of air that is inhaled or exhaled. This would help strengthen your concentration level. And a fine day, you too could become enlightened, Tathastu (a Sanskrit word for showering wishes).

Breathe in, breathe out 

Take a deep belly breath through the nose, count 1-2-3, then breathe out through the nose and repeat till you calm down. It helps you to figure out what exactly is going wrong. If you are aware enough, you can fix it too. Your brain needs more oxygen when it needs to overclock its thinking and reasoning processor. You don’t want it to run short of fuel, do you?

Short Eat

This too helps. When you feel down or it’s making too much noise, just take up your fav short eat, ice-cream or chocolates, or burger and enjoy it. Remember it is all in there, and you just need to bypass it.

Share your feelings

This step is on when the ‘be your 1st expert’ move fails. Talk to someone. We all are the same, whos gonna listen to my part when they have their own? Fine, share between then. Try to solve each others’ issues. It is easy to expert advice on others. Whatever logical or illogical or stupidly wild feelings of stress and anxiety you got, keeping it bottled up inside your head only makes it worse. Who knows if they might provide a more objective, rational perspective.


Final Call

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and exercising regularly, keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy will make you better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety.

Edit: The DIY Tips aren’t helping? here is A Self Realizing Guide to live a stress-free life. relish those posts and give them a share if you like.

And finally, if you are worried about your mental health, you might want to seek help from a professional.

Also, check out the resources at the National Institute of Mental Health here.

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