Priceless Free Historical Romance Novels Online (updated)

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Priceless Free Historical Romance Novels Online. Historical romance novels have long captivated readers with their richly detailed settings, compelling characters, and timeless love stories. While purchasing books is a common way to indulge in this beloved genre, the allure of free historical romance novels online cannot be denied. In this article, we explore the world of free historical romance novels available on the internet, allowing readers to immerse themselves in captivating tales of love and adventure without spending a dime. Pick your fav book and read historical romance online free, like a good Geek.

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Here is the list of Priceless Free Historical Romance Novels Online:

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A Deal with the Rakish Duke

Lady Eleanor is a spinster. A shameless, foxy spinster, who is terrified of the prospect of marriage. But there is one thing she absolutely must achieve this Season: find a suitable gentleman for her younger sister. And keep her away from rakes.

The gossip columns are wrong. Isaac Brown, the Duke of Gouldsmith, is not looking to get married. Infamous for his rakish ways, the secret to his heart lies in his past—a past no one can ever know. After he asks Eleanor for a dance, he never expected to make a devilish deal with her: pretend to be courting to escape gossip.

Eleanor knows rakes are only trouble. Trouble she must stay away from, if she wants to salvage her already damaged reputation. But as her lips touch Isaac’s, her hatred turns into a blossoming love with no salvation…

A Marchioness by Midnight

He can’t be worse than her terrible step-sisters, can he? One of the best Free Online Historical Romance Novels on the list.

Miss Dorothea Wells would go to great lengths to avenge her father’s death. And dressing up as a wealthy American heiress might be one thing. But attending his murderer’s ball and falling for his charms is quite another.

What the Ton know about Algernon Stratford, the Marquess of Northridge is that he is in search of a wife. But what he hides from everyone is that he suffers from a guilty conscience. And that he is in dire need of funds.

When a woman challenges him for the first time in his life, Algernon is positively besotted. And despite her literally running away the time the clock strikes midnight, he is eager to look everywhere for her. The problem? The heiress he has fallen for is nowhere to be found.

A Virgin to Tame the Duke

Despite the desperate situation, her family is in, Lady Charlotte has no taste for rakes. And no one must ever know that she was kissed by the most depraved one against a dark garden wall. Or even worse, that she enjoyed it.

Aaron Brighton, the Duke of Hexham, has everything planned out. He has arranged his sister’s marriage and he is now on the market for his own Duchess. One that will not meddle in his affairs. And certainly, one that will not bite.

Just when his sister’s disappearance has Aaron feeling that nothing could go worse, a gossip column changes his mind. For it appears that he is engaged to the most obnoxious and intoxicating Lady of the Ton. And she will pay for trapping him so. Just as soon as she helps him find his sister.

The Marquess and the Wallflower

The Bolton family has a tradition, kept for generations: they make dashing children, and they marry for love. Lady Emily, however, fears she will be the first to break both of these traditions. Very insecure in her appearance, and with the only man she is interested in not looking to get married, this season might prove to be nothing short of disastrous…

Lord Aaron’s idea of family and love shattered completely the day his betrothed chose his own brother over him. He is certain he will never love again. Until he crosses paths with an insecure wallflower and finds himself drawn to her. Too bad that their newfound happiness is hanging by a thread, and sabotage is just a breath away…

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Dodsworth is set in the period between late 1925 and late 1927 and it underlines the differences between US and European intellect, manners, and morals. Samuel Dodsworth is an ambitious and innovative automobile designer, who builds his fortunes in the fictional Zenith, Winnemac. In addition to his success in the business world, he had also succeeded as a young man in winning the hand of Frances ‘Fran’ Voelker, a beautiful young socialite. Retiring at the age of fifty he sets out to do what he had always wanted to experience: a leisurely trip to Europe with his wife. In their extensive travels across Europe, they are soon caught up in vastly different lifestyles and it begins to influence their relationship and marriage. This free historical romance book online is a must-read.

A Seductive Lady’s Guardian

The Cursed Duke

A brute of a Duke falls in love.

A delicate wallflower is all it takes… a beautiful Historical Fiction Romance

After Daniel’s parents died in a cruel fit of revenge, he was nicknamed ‘the cursed Duke’ by the ton. Hounded by accusative rumors, he refuses to exit, turning into a recluse with a dark burden. But when a man steals from his mother’s precious garden, he succumbs to rage, until he meets a sensitive wallflower who can save him…

Anabelle is an angel. Raised only by her father, she never asked for or needed anything other than his company. Until one day, she asks for a rare orchid, found only in remote parts of England. And her father finds it at the Castle of the Cursed Duke, causing their fate to spiral out of control…

Their interactions are nothing short of bitter. Annabelle despises Daniel, believing him to be a cruel man. But as her heart eases at his company, she begins to uncover the true man behind the rumors. And as passion consumes her, she must try to resist him. Or else…

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Updated List: free historical romance

“The Thorn Birds” by Colleen McCullough:

Set in Australia, this sweeping saga follows the forbidden love between Meggie Cleary and Ralph de Bricassart, a Catholic priest. Spanning decades, their complicated relationship faces numerous challenges and tests their loyalty.

“The Princess Bride” by William Goldman:


This charming tale combines romance, adventure, and humor. It follows the love story of Buttercup and Westley as they face obstacles, villains, and the pursuit of true love.

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