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About Geek

A place to find it all about Geek. Who are they? Types. ORIGIN, HISTORY, and EVOLUTION. Famous Geek and nerd Personalities. Difference and variations of Geeks and Nerd. The culture and more.


circus geeks

Circus Geek: a perfect freaky end to Circus Sideshows

This article will take you through to various questions regarding a circus geek. Questions you must have had within you, but to seek answers requires some research, time, or philosophy. Today let me help you, geeks, with it. Let us unearth the various queries first:- Circus and sideshows/freakshow? What is a… Read More »Circus Geek: a perfect freaky end to Circus Sideshows


Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day, the effort to promote the Geek Culture. The initiative officially originated in Spain in 2006 and spread around the world via the Internet. However, history suggests Tim McEachern organized similar events called Geek Pride Festival from 1998 to 2000 at a bar in Albany, New York. This… Read More »Geek Pride Day


Types of Geek

The term “Geek” applies to more than someone who enjoys a specific topic and excels in it exceedingly. Just like in the field of computers- computer geek. So let’s find out what are the types of Geek? Below are the types of geeks based on their interest in topics. So make… Read More »Types of Geek


Geek: who are they?

A geek is a person, irrespective of gender, who if enjoys a specific topic, will spend most of its time collecting information, facts and gain knowledge about the topic from around the web or with others who share common interests. For example, a content geek is anyone who frequently generates… Read More »Geek: who are they?