Geek: who are they?

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A geek is a person, irrespective of gender, who if enjoys a specific topic, will spend most of its time collecting information, facts and gain knowledge about the topic from around the web or with others who share common interests.

For example, a content geek is anyone who frequently generates or seeks content in his or her free/occupied time rather than participating in any other activities. Geeks are oriented to obtaining knowledge, accumulating facts, and relics related to the subject of interest. Geeks stay updated with the newest and trending ideas that their subject has to offer. This will obviously suck up most of their time, and in return, Geeks will be criticized for low social awareness. 

Down the Geek history lane

a geek was a circus person in the sideshow who performed some bizarre feat. ‘Geek’ was often used to be looked down as the term for an insult. For several years the same shit continued. But things have changed gradually and it seems, the world has learned from past life experiences. Now the geek community is worldwide accepted, as the ‘Front-runners of Excellence.”  Know More.


Over time, the meaning of geek has changed as the one with an obsession that places him outside mainstream society. As geek culture became more mainstream and popular, geeks are beginning to want to try to define what is a true geek. Youth prodigies have started to self-identify themselves as geeks. They self-identify themselves as geeks because they have been put down, excluded, and hurt by others due to un-familiar interests like comic books, board games, or computer programming.  As computer technology became household stuff, society seems to be developing a more progressive, even benevolent view of the geek.

Matter of fact, why anyone identifies themselves with the word “geek” is that it permits them to like what they like no matter what. A geek is the one who wants to be themselves, no matter what others say. It simply is to be who you are, no matter what it costs you.

The Cambridge dictionary describes- Geek

someone, who is intelligent but as not fashionable or popular

someone who is very interested in a particular subject and knows a lot about it

someone who is extremely interested in computers or someone whose only interest is computers

someone who knows a lot about science or technology

The association of Geeks with Computers go along, maybe, for the recent rise of Geeky stalwarts in the field of computer sciences.


In a modern civilization where Computers and the Internet, are King and Queen respectively,

a geek gets his share of respect for he is a person who is exceedingly dedicated to or involved in technology. It is now considered a compliment to be called a geek because the term implies a high level of competence.

Did you know Geeks had a day for them, Geek Pride Day.

Similar designations include nerd and propellerhead. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. A Geek shares some similarities to a nerd, but they are not the same, or are they? Will get to that later…

But first, types of Geek in the next article

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